taylan susam, composer.

some of my music

special thanks to…

  1. teodora stepancic
  2. dante boon
  3. julia holter
  4. bozzini quartet and guests
  5. sam sfirri
  6. antoine beuger
  7. oswald egger
  8. yuri akbalkan, boris shershenkov, stefan thut, denis sorokin, and kristine kazarian

cd releases

…as a composer



  • edition wandelweiser records, 2018
  • a recording of tombeau by pianist dante boon


  • another timbre, 2012
  • wandelweiser usw, disc 4
  • a recording of for maaike schoorel by the edges ensemble (dir. philip thomas)


  • another timbre, 2012
  • wandelweiser usw, disc 5
  • a recording of for sesshu toyo by angharad davies, phil durrant, joseph kudirka, anton lukoszevieze, lee patterson, and philip thomas


  • another timbre, 2011
  • two recordings of for maaike schoorel by dominic lash, patrick farmer, and sarah hughes

…as a performer

radu malfatti: düsseldorf vielfaches

radu malfatti: düsseldorf vielfaches

  • b-boim, 2007
  • with the wandelweiser composers ensemble
  • clarinetist in düsseldorf vielfaches
philip corner: extreme positions

philip corner: extreme positions

  • new world records, 2007
  • with the barton workshop
  • conductor in passionate expanse of the law


my scores can be obtained through edition wandelweiser (attn. antoine beuger):

edition wandelweiser gmbh
wilhelmstraße 21 - hof
d – 42781 haan
tel/fax: ++49-(0)2129-4954

e-mail: info@wandelweiser.de

excerpt from nocturnes
excerpt from tombeau
for james tenney
excerpt from for james tenney
for sesshu toyo
excerpt from for sesshu toyo